"Trucker Rides With Us" Sideways Bar Necklace

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14K Gold Filled or Sterling Silver chain and custom sideways bar. Can be stamped to say whatever you like 10 letters or less. Please allow 2-3 weeks to ship, each piece is hand crafted.

A few weeks ago our island lost the bravest and littlest of cancer fighters. Truckers parents shared their journey with Maui and the world from the very beginning. I believe that becuase of that many were changed forever, I know I was. I am now a better parent, wife and friend after witnessing their fight and now their grief. Things have suddenly been put into perspective for me and I hope to never lose my grip on what truly matters and to continue to love harder. On March 31st Joshua and Shauna Dukes  will begin the Trucker Rides With Us adventure by embarking on a  road trip across North America. They will spend their time healing with Truckers 3 siblings while also blessing other families along the way through random acts of kindness. To help support them we are selling our sideways bar necklace at half off with the
profits being donated to fund their gas during the trip. To learn more about this incredible family and/or to donate directly please visit

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